Hey, I am Brendon.

Welcome to my digital photography blog, Crowpix Digital.

Have you developed an interest in digital photography?

It is Crowpix Digital’s desire to help aspiring photographers improve their image-making. To provide insightful photographic posts and articles that will serve as creative tutorials meant to guide you step by step.

Learning to create your best image (and you are always chasing that perfect image) is a matter of applying a formula of prior learning and on-location spontaneity.

For most photographers, progress is a steady mix of curiosity, learning, practice and execution. You can read photography techniques and tips on these pages, but practicing in the real world is where the most learning will occur.

It is fair to concede that photography is a life-long commitment to the pursuit of image-making excellence.

I am an artist at heart, and my camera is a mechanical, digital extension of my arm

Crowpix Digital has amassed photographic knowledge over a period of more than twenty years and will expertly guide you along your own photography adventure. Crowpix Digital will provide relevant digital photographic learning content in the form of interactive courses, online tutorials, ebooks and blog posts.

This blog is your learning portal.

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