8 Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography Composition in 2021

2020 was not an easy year for most photographers. Lockdowns may have kept you from photographing the great outdoors. It was not business as usual. So, here are some tips to get you back in the groove of landscape photography for the remainder of 2021, and beyond. Don’t get stuck with horizontals The majority ofContinue reading “8 Tips To Improve Your Landscape Photography Composition in 2021”

Photographs Without Good Composition Are Boring, Plain And Lifeless

All types of photography rely on strong composition to deliver an effective image. All photographers need to learn about composition when starting out. Composition is a part of photography that each photographer must discover for themselves. And, yes, there will be some steep learning curves along the way. Composition is a subjective matter. Views differContinue reading “Photographs Without Good Composition Are Boring, Plain And Lifeless”

5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Landscape Photography with a Tripod

Love them or hate them, tripods are an essential part of your landscape photography gear. As landscape photographers, we want to create pin-sharp images, from the front to the back of our compositions. A tripod is a key element that promotes end-to-end sharpness. 1 Straighten your shot with levels An annoying process is straightening yourContinue reading “5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Landscape Photography with a Tripod”

Are you achieving your desired photo results?

Photographers all experience learning curves at various times along their journey. Not getting the results you intended is frustrating. It is disappointing to download your images, only to find a slew of errors. So, how can you improve the results in future attempts? It is important to remember the following cornerstones to creating a successfulContinue reading “Are you achieving your desired photo results?”

10 Fundamental Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography

So, you have your landscape photography gear loaded, you’ve got your hiking boots on, and headed to the nature trails in search of those scenic landscape photography gems.  But before you go, here are ten landscape photography tips that will be vital while shooting in the field. 1 Maximise depth of field Depth of fieldContinue reading “10 Fundamental Tips to Improve Your Landscape Photography”

Thoughts on Reconnecting with Nature Through Landscape Photography

This post aims to get you into the mind of a landscape photographer. I took some time to explore I took a photographic trip to one of my favourite destinations in the Drakensberg mountains, Cobham campsite. Cobham is a rustic campsite cradled in the valleys of the Southern Drakensberg mountain range, approximately ten kilometres fromContinue reading “Thoughts on Reconnecting with Nature Through Landscape Photography”

An Ancient Water World

If you are someone who appreciates the unusual combination of water, boats, and fine cultural experiences, then Venice is definitely a place to add to your travel destination list. Imagine the London transport network, but placed upon the water, where busses are big boats cruising beside majestic scenes of an ancient city, that is builtContinue reading “An Ancient Water World”

They Own Cattle but Own No Land

“They own cattle but own no land.” These are the words my host uttered to me upon showing me to the quaint cottage room near a misty dam. Quite a bizarre statement to hear for a city slicker like myself. I was unfamiliar with this kind of problem. A problem experienced in the hinterlands surroundingContinue reading “They Own Cattle but Own No Land”

Mauritania on my Mind

There is something invigorating about sleeping under night’s warm blanket on the desert floor. A natural bedroom covered in stars, revealing the nightly secrets of the mighty Sahara. Landing at the airport in a military coup Our group had landed in the little acclaimed Islamic Republic of Mauritania in the midst of a military coup.Continue reading “Mauritania on my Mind”

A Most Pleasurable Island

Stone Town is the only functioning historical city in east Africa that is much the same as it was 200 years ago and is a UNESCO world heritage site. This Place Is Unique It is not clichéd to label this island as unique. Zanzibar had the first steam locomotive in East Africa, was the first regionContinue reading “A Most Pleasurable Island”